Pitch Us Your Idea

Juma Entertainment is always on the lookout for great ideas and characters for TV.  If you would like to submit your idea to us, please first read the terms below and click "ACCEPT"

  1. I exclusively own or represent the rights to the concept.
  2. The materials I submit will not be returned to me.
  3. Juma did not request these materials from me.
  4. I will not be compensated for submitting my idea, however, if Juma likes my idea and wants to pursue it, Juma will offer me an agreement containing compensation and other terms for the use of my ideas and materials.
  5. My concept is not protected by Federal copyright law.
  6. Juma's use of my ideas/materials will not violate the rights of anyone else.
  7. My submission will not be treated as confidential. Juma may discuss my idea with employees, agents, networks and others.
  8. Juma has its own development department and receives many ideas from other sources.  I will not be entitled to any compensation if Juma exploits an idea similar or identical to my submission that was developed internally at Juma or received from an outside source.
You must agree to the terms and conditions.